Capstone Project – Top 2-3 Ideas


This game is a last man standing game. You are a player spawning into a land with buildings and trees. The objective in this game is to collect as many items to you can to be the last person standing alive. This is a multiplayer game. Players will want to kill you for the items you have to offer. You can have a teammate but only 1. This game will make you fight to the death with whatever you have. Winning the game will get your skins for guns (Guns with cool designs) and other items.

The game will provide you like a human being. Needing food,water, and shelter. But you are on the move. Getting away from the deadly border (A shield to keep you inside the area and it hurts you if your out of it. You can drive vehicles to either run, catch up, or travel the lands.

This game will be call “Only One”. The title explains that you want to be the only one alive to win. This game can be 3rd person or 1st person. The control will be every simple game. People with the most kills also gets items even if they don’t win.

Like NBA 2K, you can go against teams that will try to win. This can be a multiplayer game. Its an identical to a basketball game. You can customize your player if you have the items from unlocking achievements. You can unlock achievements at anytime. Example getting a will dunk can unlock you an achievement. You will be able to play with your friends. Either on your team or the other team. 4 quarter, 5 minutes, Who will Win!



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